New Year, New Garden: Step 2 - Garden Location

a person holding a freshly harvested handful of compost

Every great garden starts with the right location. The second step in our gardening series focuses on selecting the ideal spot for your garden and laying out a basic design to suit your space and lifestyle.

a full backyard showing spots of the yard that receive sunlight for choosing garden location

Understanding Sunlight

  • Assess Sunlight: Observe how sunlight moves across your potential garden area. Most vegetables and flowers require 6-8 hours of direct sunlight.
  • Consider Partial Shade: Some plants thrive in partial shade. Understand the light requirements of your plants.

Soil Considerations

a diagram of 4 different types of soil - clay, loam, sand, silt
  • Soil Type: Check if your soil is sandy, loamy, or clay-heavy. Each type affects water retention and nutrient availability.
  • Soil Testing: Consider testing your soil for pH and nutrient levels. This can guide your fertilization and amendment strategies.

Accessibility and Convenience

  • Water Source: Ensure your garden is near a water source for easy watering.
  • Daily Routine: Place your garden where you'll see it often. This encourages regular care and enjoyment.

Garden Layout and Design

  • Space Planning: Consider the space each plant will need as it grows. Plan for pathways for easy access.
  • Design Elements: Think about adding features like raised beds, containers, or trellises, depending on your space and aesthetic preferences.
a backyard garden layout with raised beds

Protecting Your Garden

  • Fencing: If pests are a concern, consider fencing or natural deterrents.
  • Microclimate Factors: Be aware of wind, slopes, and other microclimate factors that could affect your garden.

Choosing the right location and designing your garden thoughtfully can significantly enhance your gardening experience and the health of your plants. Take your time with this step – a well-planned garden is a joy to maintain and harvest.

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