Commercial Landscaping Strategies: Chattanooga Airport Case Study

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Earthscapes loves to do landscaping work for iconic Chattanooga commercial properties. But why do commercial property owners choose Earthscapes? An easy answer to that question is to look at Earthscapes' track record, between the Chattanooga Airport, Erlanger East, Siskin Hospital for Physical Rehabilitation or even Welcome Home Chattanooga, Earthscapes is established as a trusted commercial landscaper. However, we are going to dig deeper than just track record in this blog.

Most people look at the photo of the Chattanooga Airport entrance and see a beautiful entrance, but what goes into the design of that entrance? In other words, what are the commercial landscaping strategies that make this photo so visually appealing?

Use of Pathways

The well-defined pathways using different pavers create a visually appealing pattern that guides visitors towards the building. In addition, the pavers are wheelchair accessible so that the airport entrance can be used and enjoyed by all.

Zoning With Plant Beds

The landscape is divided into various zones using plant beds. Each zone has low-maintenance native shrubs and trees, with different colors in each zone. When seen from a bird's eye view, the different colors evoke a "painting-like" view. In other words, we made it both beautiful and practical for the commercial property owner to maintain.


Irrigation system was installed below the surface to automatically water all trees, shrubs, and grasses. This significantly lowers the maintenance costs for commercial property owners. In addition, these specific plants were installed in the middle of a hot Chattanooga summer and they had a high success rate due to the irrigation system.

Seating Areas

Wooden benches are installed, providing seating areas that could encourage people to spend more time in the space. The benches are minimalistic, complementing the modern look of the surroundings.


There are light poles strategically placed along the pathways, which enhance safety and visibility during the evening flight arrivals. The light poles stand out as a differentiating, modern piece.

Tree Planting

Young trees are planted at regular intervals, which will eventually grow to offer shade and more complementary colors to the overall aesthetic.


The brown mulch not only complements, the base color palette of tan and gold, but also provides practical benefits to the commercial property owner. Mulch helps with moisture retention, temperature control, and weed suppression - all of which help the commercial property owner control the maintenance costs.

Color & Texture

The landscape design has limited the color palette to mostly greens and browns, creating a professional and calming environment. The variation in texture between the pavers, wooden benches, and plants adds depth to the design.

Symmetry & Balance

The landscaping arrangement has a modern, symmetrical design - particularly in the planting and the placement of benches, which can be appealing in commercial settings as it suggests order and stability.

Earthscapes takes tremendous pride in the commercial landscaping projects in which we are entrusted. Our in-house designer is capable of working on the next great redesign of YOUR commercial landscape. Give us a call at 423-855-8170 to start discussing ideas and plans today.

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