Think of your landscape as your outdoor living room. Your kids will play here, your dogs will roll around in the dirt, the cats will scavenge and birds will perch to sing you morning tunes.

You can grill and entertain on your property just as easily and joyfully as you can IN your property, so why not give the design your all?

A great outdoor life begins with a great design, and our capable team can work with you to make sure you get the most from your landscape. Whether you want to add an outdoor fire pit, patio or just maintain a beautiful, green space, Earthscapes can help you put your ideas to blueprint. Then we can also install and maintain it!

Design can be a complete overhaul or simple, little improvements.

Design can be a complete overhaul or simple, little improvements.

functionality that thrives

Not all flowers, trees, shrubs and grasses thrive in all areas. During the design phase, our talented team of landscape professionals can help you select yard elements that will not only please the eye but also will thrive in the climate of southeast Tennessee and northeast Georgia. Earthscapes can set up a design that will flow with your lifestyle and thrive all year long.

we put the ‘scape in hardscape

Looking to make your landscape a place to relax and enjoy and maybe even escape from the responsibilities of life for just a few moments? Adding a hardscape to your space is a great way to get the best of both worlds: comfort in the great outdoors! Patios, walkways, outdoor firepits…all make great places to escape into the nature of your property comfortably. Maybe you already have a great idea for your outdoor space, and maybe you need some guidance. Either way, Earthscapes is here to help.