example of a 2d landscape design by earthscapes


Our team of professionals will create a master plan that fits your landscape and lifestyle.


We meet with you, onsite, to understand how your landscape flows. Retaining walls, patios, and outdoor areas are designed to complement the contours of your existing landscape and create a space you enjoy. In this meeting we will discuss space, function and most importantly budget. Knowing your budget allows our team to give you options that fit your budget.
The Chattanooga area has diverse natural features, and our team of experienced horticulturalists and gardeners understand what plants thrive where. We listen to you throughout all stages of the design process. You can trust the expertise of our seasoned crew to create stunning solutions for your space.
We create a seamless transition from design to reality. Our designers work hand in hand with our installers to create your design. We can complete your landscape from start to finish.
detailed 2d landscape design by earthscapes


This detailed plan shows hardscape specs, plant varieties, proper spacing and more. Our preliminary plan gives our customers a chance to see a scaled map of their property and make changes before we start digging. Having a plan is crucial for consistency when preparing to break your project out into phases.

How much will it cost?

Our design fee starts at $500 dollars based on complexity and site requirements. Design cost will be determined at initial consultation.

How long will it take?

Our Design process takes 2-3 weeks depending on site complexity.

example of a 3d landscape rendering by earthscapes


Need more than just a map? 3D design allows our customer to see the future tree and plant selections in their yard. See how it all flows together in your own custom landscape.


Think of your landscape as your outdoor living room. Your kids will play here, your dogs will roll around in the dirt, the cats will scavenge and birds will perch to sing you morning tunes. You can grill and entertain on your property just as easily and joyfully as you can in your property, so why not give the design your all? A great outdoor life begins with a great design, and our capable team can work with you to make sure you get the most from your landscape. Whether you want to add an outdoor fire pit, patio or just maintain a beautiful, green space, Earthscapes can help you put your ideas to blueprint. Then we can also install and maintain it!