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Paver patios & Flagstone Patios

Transform your landscape with patios that add curb appeal, utility, and value to your outdoor living experience.
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A well-designed patio creates additional living space that allows for ease of movement. Hardscapes create a space for entertainment, cooking, and relaxing with family and friends. At Earthscapes, we design and install outdoor patios, fire pits, fireplaces, kitchens, walkways, stairs and driveways for residential and commercial properties using a variety of paving materials that fit many different styles and budgets. We are ICPI Certified Concrete Paver Installers. Our team is committed to the best practices of segmental concrete pavement installation.
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Paver Patios

At patio can be designed using many different materials, but it's hard to beat one made with pavers for ease of installation and low maintenance. The installation cost may be more than other options, but the savings will come from not having to continuously seal or stain your patio.

Repairs are also less costly by replacing one paver at a time. Patio pavers come n a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials to fit any outdoor space. Our team installs paver patios using high-quality products from lines like Belgard and Techo-Bloc. Earthscapes is a certified contractor of Belgard in the Chattanooga area.
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Flagstone Patios
A beautiful flagstone patio offers a complementary look to your outdoor space because of its earthy colors and organic shapes. Stone patios maintain a timeless and rustic look for a woodland backyard or cabin retreat. Flagstone patios and pathways can be dry laid for a permeable surface or wet laid with mortar for a formal entrance. Fire pits and fireplaces make great additions to stone patios.
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Concrete Patios

Concrete is a low-maintenance and affordable surfacing option used for commercial and residential properties from backyards to pool areas. Concrete patios are an ideal choice if you're wanting a smooth, strong surface that looks great and is easy to install.
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Additional Patio Features

Build upon an existing surface or add focal points for your space that bring warmth, relaxation, and light. Our team can complete the look of your outdoor space with a wide selection of patio features that will add more enjoyment and value out of your home. Talk with a designer to learn more about any of the following patio add-ons we offer:

  • Fire Pits & Fireplaces (gas and wood burning)
  • Outdoor Kitchens & Living Rooms
  • Pathways & Steps
  • Retaining Walls & Seat Walls
  • Water Features
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About  Permeable hardscapes

Professionally installed permeable surfaces such as paver driveways and patios are the primary choice for environmentally friendly homeowners. In contrast to impervious surfaces, such as concrete or mortared sidewalks and patios, permeable hardscapes allow rainwater to soak into the ground. It decreases stormwater runoff, and thus reduces the amount of pollution that enters  our waterways.
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