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In 2005, Earthscapes burst onto the scene as Chattanooga’s best (and perhaps only) erosion control company! Sounds boring, right? Actually, it is quite the opposite. Preventing erosion is a big key to maintaining a clean water supply and protecting the land. By handling erosion properly, you are helping the animals, the fish, and of course, the humans. It is the environmentally responsible thing to do. But eventually the day came when we decided that we could do better...expand!

We realized a need in the Chattanooga area that aligned with our mission to protect and beautify our environment: comprehensive landscaping services. Chattanooga is a proud community and for good reason. It is beautiful! The Scenic City! We wanted to contribute to building a beautiful community.

So we did. Dream big and do bigger. Build it and they will come. We are in the business of creating landscape solutions that we hope play a role in building the best Chattanooga around! And you know what else? We are woman-owned and operated and have a corporate giving campaign.