It's time to give your property an update!


Looking for a change?  Earthscapes can transform your property into the landscape of your dreams!  From flower bed installation, to a new fire pit, to a completely reorganized backyard, Earthscapes is the landscaper who can refresh your property with any budget.  How about some accent lights for your walkway? A pagoda to escape Tennessee’s hot summer sun? More variety in your flowering plants so you have blooms throughout the year?  Earthscapes is your Chattanooga landscaper, here to help you usher in a welcome change to your environment.

Keep in mind that landscapes improve your property value, too.  Real estate agents estimate that a well-landscaped property will increase its value from 5% to as much as 20%.  If you are looking for a redo for your property, you can’t go wrong with Earthscapes. As a small, woman-owned business, Earthscapes has been servicing the Chattanooga area with great success for the past 8 years.  We would be happy to visit your property, brainstorm with you, and provide recommendations and an estimate within your budget. Soon, that fickle spot of grass that just won’t grow could be a patio--that overgrown hedge could be shaped--that yard transformed into an outdoor living space.

Give us a call at 423-855-8170 to discuss your options!

Jody Stein