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In many ways, summer feels like it is just cranking up (hello, sweat). But in others, back to school is right around the corner...and so is fall. 

Fall is one of the best times to start new landscaping projects thanks to milder weather, but NOW is the PERFECT time to start dreaming, planning and budgeting for landscaping projects. So where do you start? 

#DREAM: Notice what you like about your space while you are enjoying it this summer. Then notice where you could improve. Maybe you have an excellent patio, complete with fire pit, but you would really enjoy some nice sod for your dogs to romp around on while you sit by on the patio. Perhaps you would like to have some outdoor lights on those trees over there. Maybe you walk outside and turn around and walk right back in because the flowers are dead, the grass is several inches higher than it should be, and your flower beds haven't seen fresh mulch in a year. 

#PLAN: Now you know what you like and what you don't...what would help? Maybe you just want a fresh design? Do you need a spruce up or an overhaul? Do you want to see a uniform, manicured look? Should it be wild and free-flowing? Colorful? Get on Pinterest or HGTV or just drive around neighborhoods and look at the landscaping to get some ideas!

#BUDGET: Everyone's favorite topic...the budget. If you want to create an outdoor oasis, this is an important thing to consider. You wouldn’t go buy a car or start building a home without knowing about how much you want to spend, so what makes us all think landscaping is any different? The challenge here is really knowing what landscaping costs…we get it. That’s why we come out before a project begins to talk to you about budgetary ideas and expectations. We want to make sure we are a good fit for your needs, and to be honest, that helps us BOTH out in the long run. Looking for ballpark numbers on your dreams? Some projects could be $10,000, others could be $15,000 or $20,000, and if you really want to knock it out of the park (think water features and irrigation, Japanese maple trees and outdoor lightning), the sky is the limit!

Now head off into the remaining weeks of summer and start to dream about all your landscape can be! Then call Earthscapes when it is time to put the plans into motion and turn those dreams into the perfect place to live outdoors.

Jody Stein