What are customers are saying..

"Thanks so for much for your diligence and hard work. I appreciate your concerns and trying to fix the “bad mulch“ problem. We will definitely use Earthscapes again next year."

Cathy - Chattanooga

I appreciate all that you all are doing. The place has never looked so good since we built it.Thanks!

- Bryan

"Since the design and installation of the 18 inch Filtrexx FilterSoxx, we have been in compliance with the city of Chattanooga's stormwater regulations."

- Steve

"Derek has done a fine job for us this year. Very responsive and always helpful. We appreciate his work."

- Jim Pickle

3611 Amnicola Highway

Chattanooga, TN 37406




Using our state of the art techniques to control the effects of human habitation, we can accommodate human needs while protecting the function of a healthy environment.

We can provide silt sock for either in-place installation or local pickup.


"a leader in erosion control solutions and landscape design and maintenance."