When I was a child, mama would tell me to clean my room. Once in a blue moon, I would actually do it, and she would stand in the doorway, surveying the clean room and say, “See? Don’t you feel better standing in a clean room?” Of course I did! The problem, though, was that I was the one expected to maintain it.

There is no doubt that when you step into your lawn and the flowers are blooming, the mulch is appropriately placed and your fresh, new patio is basking in the sun, you are pretty dang excited about life. We get it. It’s a great feeling! But then it starts to rain, the mulch gets displaced, the flowers don’t look so bright anymore and there are icky, muddy puddles on your fresh new patio. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that a qualified team will come handle that for you? We thought so! Our maintenance team is ready to come give you a hand on a regular basis, so you instead of worrying about the mulch as it floats away, you can trust that a capable team will be there soon to put everything back in its proper order.

Go ahead.
Enjoy your day.
Get to work bringing home the bacon.
Cuddle on the couch with your family.
Spend an extra few minutes petting the dog.
Savor that cup of coffee.
Earthscapes will be there soon to handle that beautiful mess outside.


Landscape-1 edited (1).jpg

When you hear “landscaping,” you probably think mowing the lawn, but that’s not all we do in order to maintain a great landscape. Our most common residential landscaping activities are:

  • Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control

  • Spring & Fall Clean-up

  • Mulching

  • Horticultural & Corrective Pruning

  • Weekly Bed Maintenance

  • Seasonal Color – Annual Plantings

  • Lawn Mowing, Aeration and Renovations

  • Irrigation and Lighting Maintenance

  • Small Tree Service

  • Backflow Certification & Installation

  • Plant Insect & Disease Control

A quality landscape requires year-long maintenance, and Earthscapes will be with you and your lawn all year long to ensure the best curb appeal for your home every month of the year.

Black Creek edited.jpg


The landscape of your business is the first impression that you give to potential clients, new hires and buyers. It is your storefront, capable of inspiring your team when they come into work or leaving a first AND last impression in the minds of the potential clients as they enter and exit the property. We get it. We are a business too.

That’s why we advocate outsourcing the tasks that aren’t our main focus (hello IT, accounting, business development and so much more) so we can put our attention where it matters: on the landscapes of our clients. If you own or operate your own business or are the facilities manager or property manager for a Chattanooga area company, give us a call. Outsource to us so you can focus on the bread and butter of what you do best.